Everyday Heroes podcast series goes live tomorrow, Tuesday 9/8!

Here’s my intro https://www.buzzsprout.com/955717 where you can SUBSCRIBE to my Everyday Heroes podcast series but you’ll want to check out the first two ever of the podcast series, beginning at 9 am, tomorrow morning, 9/8/20.

These first two are very special interviews, the first one is a very timely and inspirational one with an American Airlines A330 captain https://bit.ly/2ZgIXz5 who was taxiing out of Chicago O’Hare airport to go fly on 9/11/01 when he got a call from ground control that there was an indefinite ground stop for all eastbound flights.

The rest is his description of what he and his crew went through before they got home a week later but it didn’t stop there!
The other interview is with a corporate flight attendant https://bit.ly/3jNhQ6K who tells her story of personal challenge to arrive at a place in her life and career where she does much more than pamper the rich and famous!