Bert Botta: Captain, Author and Storyteller, Passionate about Creating Personal Legacies for Everyday Heroes.

Bert Botta is a commercial pilot and captain with over 35 years’ experience with TWA and Netjets criss-crossing the globe to all sorts of exotic destinations that many can only dream about.

Whilst flight has always been Bert’s first love, he’s also had a keen affection for writing. Many of his articles, in the fields of travel and aviation, have been published in magazines and newspapers worldwide. But Bert still wanted to share more …

With air travel now just a commodity, Bert is passionate about bringing back some of the glory, romance and adventure to the skies.

As a private charter pilot often flying the rich and famous he got to witness, first hand, many incredible, far-fetched and almost unbelievable events that you would expect to see only on the ‘big screen’. It’s these stories, not just limited to those of his fellow aviators, that Bert will share in his new series “Everyday Heroes” which features entertaining podcasts as well as great reads.

Back in 1966 Bert started piloting US domestic flights with TWA before moving to international flights and destinations like Europe, the Middle East and Africa. But half way through his TWA career he took an international assignment with Saudi Arabian Airlines,flying out of Jeddah on Boeing 707 and 720 aircraft to more exotic places including Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Dubai and Yemen.

Soon Bert was assigned to the Military Air Command in the Vietnam War flying military troops and cargo on Boeing 707’s from Travis Air Force Base in California to Hawaii, Guam, Okinawa, Wake Island, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

Back on land with his TWA years behind him, Bert joined Netjets captaining the rich and famous on Citation and Gulfstream jet charters to Canada, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. But it wasn’t just the piloting or the exotic destinations that Bert loved …

Flying gave Bert the opportunity to ‘hang out’ with fellow travelers – other pilots, flight attendants, professional road warriors, celebrities, VIPs as well as‘normal travelers’– and share stories of adventure, humor and romance in the high skies … stories that one day might be transformed by his love of writing into a really good read. Now retired, Bert rekindled his love of writing through articles and copy writing assignment that have been published in newspapers and magazines worldwide.

From his autobiography and first major book “Fast Lane to Faith: A Jet Jockey’s Search for Significance” to his work with Private Jet Pilots and the Everyday Heroes project, he’s helped to strengthen connections within and around the aviation community. You could say Bert is passionate about aviation, but the truth is he lives, eats and breathes inspiration.

And it’s with that passion that Bert shines the spotlight on the everyday hero in all of us, celebrating our own incredible and inspirational adventure stories that may just change the way people think about air travel, as well as life.

Bert Botta’s Media Kit will be available here for download soon.
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