Aviation Expert, Former Airline and Corporate Jet Captain, Aviation Writer.

Bert has over 35 years and 20,000 hours + of flight experience with TWA and NetJets.

His Aviation Expert General Specialties are: Pilot and Flight Crew Human Factors, Emotional and Psychological Effects on Pilot Judgment, Pilot Behavior Analysis, Accident Analysis

Specialty Focus: Pilot Error, Pilot Human Factors, The Psychology and Behavior of Aviation Professionals, Crew Resource Management (CRM), Pilot Professional Standards, Flight Crew Performance, Pilot Complacency, Aviation Accidents, Pilot Fatigue, Crew Coordination, Aviation Emotional Intelligence, Corporate Flight Crews, In-Flight Safety, Cockpit Behavior

Education: MA, John F Kennedy University; BA, San Francisco State University; Post Graduate, Advanced Human Studies Institute, Miami, FL

Years in Private Counseling & Consulting Practice: 10

Additional Information

Specialties and Experience: Bert combines 35 years of Professional Aviation as a Worldwide, International Airline and Corporate Pilot with 10 years as a former Licensed Professional Counselor in Private Practice.

General Specialties: Flight Crew Human Factors, Pilot Judgment, Pilot Behavior Analysis, Accident Analysis


• Masters Degree, Counseling Psychology from John F Kennedy University, Orinda, CA.

• BA, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA.

• Post Graduate, Advanced Human Studies Institute, Miami, FL.

Bert was an:

• Airline Instructor Pilot/Captain for Trans World Airlines

• FAA Designated Check Airman at TWA

• Gulfstream Jet Captain for NetJets

• Is Current as a CFI (Certificated Flight Instructor) (2024)

• 10 years Private Practice as a former Licensed Professional Counselor 

• Chairman, TWA Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) Professional Standards Committee

• Chairman, NetJets Professional Standards Committee 

This breadth of experience gives Bert an in-depth perspective into the emotional and psychological makeup of aviation professionals.

This experience has proven invaluable in his professional pilot career, especially in his role as an FAA Certified Pilot Instructor and now as an Aviation Expert, in its application to accident and personal injury cases.

Expert Witness CV:

Aviation Expert Experience:

• SEAK Expert Witness Directory Listing 12/21

• SEAK Expert Witness Training 3/2
• Recent cases opined on: pilot competency, pilot medical issues/incapacity
• Wrongful death case settled, 7/22
• Wrong-surface event, current, 11/22

“Bert, I am pleased to report that we resolved the case yesterday with a positive (yet confidential result). The information you provided for the case allowed my clients and me to show the defense that we were worthy adversaries and knew what should have been done and what hadn’t been done in training and the flight. Without your expertise, we wouldn’t have been so successful.

Again, I want to thank you for your time on this case. I’ve not handled an aviation case before, and you (and the aerobatic expert you brought onto the case) were both great!”

Thanks, Kelly

• Chairman, Family Awareness Committee, TWA/ALPA, 1990
• Chairman, Family Awareness Committee Seminar, August, 1990
• Speaker, 5th International Aviation Psychology Symposium, Columbus, Ohio, 1989
• Author, Pilot Sinking Spells, Flite Facts, September, 1979
• Author, Air Safety and Mental Health, Airline Pilot, March, 1989
• Author, Sanity, Common Sense and Air Safety: Keys to Understanding Pilot Error, 1989
• Author, Power Trip, Family Awareness Committee, May, 1990
• Author, Flying Beyond Retirement, Airline Pilot Careers, July, 2001
• Author, 7 Secrets to Eliminating Worry and Insecurity in Your Flying Career, August, 2010
• Author, Fatigue, Understaffing Threaten Runway Safety, USA Today, January 10, 2008
• Author, Pilots Find Peace in Turbulent Times, Aviation International News March, 2002
• Author, Soul-Searching: Thoughts on Life and a Flying Career, AIN, November, 2001
• Author, A Pilot’s Life Comes Full Circle, AIN, May, 2002
• Certified Leader, Men’s Personal Leadership Training, ManKind Project, 1992 – 1998
• Search and Rescue, Instructor Pilot, Taos Civil Air Patrol, August, 1996 – June, 1998
• Seminar/workshop leader, St. Louis, MO, 1992 – 1998
• Airline Pilot Interview Prep Specialist: Aviation Consulting Services. 2000 – 2001
• Corporate Jet Captain, NetJets, 2000-2009
• Chairman, NetJets Professional Standards Committee, 2000-2004
• Retired, NetJets, 2009