The Everyday Heroes program is a shared series of personal interviews with men and women from all walks of life but mainly aviation

As a kid, Bert’s fascination for planes and their pilots led him into a career as a commercial airline pilot and instructor.

During his time as a pilot with TWA and NetJets he flew with, instructed and hung out with many of his ‘heroes’.

Now in retirement, it’s those shared experiences and stories that he remembers and writes most about .

Those stories not only inspired and motivated him to excel in his own career, they also gave him a deeper connection to the aviation industry and his fellow aviators.

In talking with and interviewing pilots, Bert quickly realized that everyone in their own, unique way is a ‘hero’ and as such, has a story to tell.

And so the Everyday Heroes program was born.

From 35000 feet down to the people on the ground, there are literally thousands of amazing stories that are yet to be told by ordinary men and women, just like you.

And when stories are told and captured they live on, and many motivate or comfort others, and some even become legend.

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Bert continues to “pay it forward” by offering his 35 years of aviation experience and 10 years as a Licensed Professional Counselor in service as an Aviation Expert Witness.