Bert Botta, TWA/Netjets Captain (ret), Aviation Expert, Former Licensed Professional Counselor, Writer

Recently retired from flying his high-end clients as a Gulfstream Corporate Jet Captain for NetJets and, before that flying for TWA in the “glory days of Aviation”, he continues his passion for aviation by bringing his 35 years of Aviation Experience and Licensed Professional Counselor skills to the Legal Field as an Aviation Expert.

There isn’t much in the airline and corporate aviation world that Bert hasn’t seen and experienced.  

He says, “Consulting with, investigating and giving my opinion on Aviation personal injury and accident cases keeps me involved and current in aviation.

Because of my years in Private Practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor and my 20000 hours as an Airline and Corporate Jet Captain I’ve been able to bring a unique and insightful approach to the cases I have been hired to opine on. 

This work also allows me to help in some small way to alleviate and heal the pain of injury and loss in aircraft accidents.” 

He also Consults with Aviation Companies on their Marketing by creating content that attracts attention and drives traffic to them.  

You can contact him at:

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