Are you fascinated with aviation?

If so, how can you, as a rational person explain how a Boeing 747 that weighs, fully loaded anywhere between 750,000 and 875,000 pounds, depending on the model, manages to get off the ground?

My head spins when I try to think about it, even though, as a former commercial airline and corporate pilot, I know the science behind it.

That same mystique is one of the reasons why I created the Everyday Heroes podcast series.

For some reason that same magic of flight that defies description seems to attract unique, colorful, inspirational characters who themselves defy description.

What I do in my podcasts is attempt to capture the essence of these characters who I’ve met in my 35 years as an aviator – their lives, their adventures – and transmit their stories to my listeners for inspiration, for motivation and for hope.

My Aviation Everyday Heroes Podcast is going live on Tuesday, September 8th and I welcome any and all of you who share my fascination with flight, and it’s Heroes, to join me by subscribing to my podcasts here,

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Bert Botta
TWA/Netjets (ret)
Everyday Heroes Podcaster