Leadership For the New Aviator

How Dealing With Your Issues Will Fast Track Your Career!

Lesson #1 The things that you’re hiding from will hurt you

  • If you start out  thinking you can’t do something, you’re right. A couple times along the timeline of my flying career, especially after a bad sim period, I thought maybe I had picked the wrong career!
  • Now, 16000 + flight hours and 35 years as an Airline and Corporate Jet Captain
  • I look back at how those times got fewer and farther between and
  • How I progressed, slow but steady

Tip: Self doubt is normal but let it go.

Lesson #2 When in fear or doubt ask for help

  • As a new airline pilot I didn’t want to ask questions because I thought that would make me look stupid
  • But as I gained confidence I reached out for help
  • From my classmates, my sim instructors, my fellow pilots
  • Put your false pride aside and ask!

Tip: People are waiting to help; it makes their day…and yours!

Lesson #3 Don’t make excuses for who you are

  • My flying career started out with an excuse that my eyesight wasn’t good enough
  • That led to me to not apply for Navy flight training
  • Fear keeps you from doing things that will prove you’re not good enough!

Tip: Do the thing you fear: “Eat the Frog!”

Lesson #4 Vulnerability doesn’t have to be painful but it might be

  • Vulnerability means being honest about your “issues”
  • When you’re honest, your issues diminish in importance

Tip: Warning: Be careful who you’re vulnerable with.

Lesson # 5: Use what is put in front of you to progress

  • The aviation industry slowed down long enough for me to learn that when
  • I was frozen in the flight engineer seat for 10 years
  • That gave me time to
  • Do other things like
  • Go to graduate school
  • But you can’t count on something like that

Tip: Scout out opportunities and seize them! (Carpe Diem!)

Lesson # 6  When you look for help you will find it

  • Reach out to people you trust
  • When you find them build trust slowly

You can do this; just look back and see what you’ve already accomplished. 

Today is a great day to start over if you have doubts.