In an effort to keep aviators and aviation enthusiasts united, Bert Botta and Nathan Arango joined forces to create The ART of Aviation: a new way of staying connected and celebrating our passion for everything in ‘flight’.

Bert Botta is a former TWA captain who, after 7 years of  early retirement, returned to flying for NetJets as a captain on Citation and Gulfstream aircraft. As a long-time writer and Author, Bert has finally found the ‘Plan B’ project that unites his first love – aviation – with his passion for writing and storytelling.

Nathan Arango is a young commercial pilot who flies the Cessna CJ4. He’s also active in aircraft charter sales which led him to start his own concierge service business for executive teams. Nathan’s second love is graphic design, and as an experienced designer and layout artist he jumped at the chance to work with Bert and unite two of his passions.

Why the 'ART' of Aviation?

The word ‘ART’ not only pays tribute to the artistic plight of aviation, heralded in the bygone eras of early travel, but it also stands for ‘Aviation Recovery Team’ – a network focused on rediscovering and celebrating the many facets of the aviation industry.

The ART of Aviation’s core mission is to build a united and connected aviation family through our eMagazine and podcast series “Everyday Heroes”. Through our activities we hope to achieve three aims:

Our regular free eMagazine “The ART of Aviation” brings you topical stories and newsworthy information that is not only informative, but entertaining. And as a ‘safe place’ to share, we welcome your contributions and feedback.

The “Everyday Heroes” project features stories of aviation workers through a series of entertaining personal interviews. If you think you don’t have a story to tell you’re probably wrong – we have all faced difficulties and challenges, but many of us have also experienced incredible highs and achievements. These are the stories we want to capture and share.

The “Plan B” program (coming soon) aims to help those exiting the aviation industry to remain connected whilst they transition to a new life on the ground. Whether your new adventure is a career change or even retirement, now is the time to explore those passions you never previously had time to pursue.

How Do I Join?

Simply subscribe to the ART of Aviation – it’s free and delivered to your inbox monthly. And reach out if you’ve got a great story and would like to be featured on in our Everyday Heroes podcasts.

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