The Miraculous Power Of a Pilot’s Prayer

The Miraculous Power of a Pilot’s Prayer This blog could have easily been titled “Highlighting One of The 4P’s of Personal Success!” But then it wouldn’t be as connected to aviation or travel writing. But I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’ve got the 4 P’s of Personal Success – Passion, Planning, Prayer and Persistence – mastered and I’m an astounding success, working on my laptop from some beach in Thailand! The 4 P’s are a lifelong process and it’s one that I’ve been working on for what seems like forever! Here’s...
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Like Peas and Carrots” Airline Captain to Travel Writer

Like Peas and Carrots” Airline Captain to Travel Writer! Just after I wrote the title for this piece I thought about how many pilots I knew who were much better than me at math and science. Then I thought about how many of those same guys had trouble putting a sentence together so someone could understand what they were trying to say! That’s not to put any one of my friends down; it just means that it took me a lot of years to appreciate how different we all are and how important it is...
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Secrets of a Modern Day Flight Attendant

Secrets of a Modern Day Flight Attendant Shhh! These are the innermost secrets of a modern day flight attendant.It’s not a quick read. But if you have time you need to know this stuff because it’s something that anyone who flies regularly needs to fully appreciate what the flight attendant who has your life in his or her hands goes through and why they don’t always smile like you would like them to!We’ve been in the industry for many years and have never known some of these innermost airline flight attendant secrets.“We are not paid during...
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From Private Pilot to Airline Captain in Only 23 Short Years!

Airline Pilot Wannabes, Don’t Lose Hope! It was August, 1966. I had a massive 180 hours in my little black log book, the ink wasn’t even dry on my instrument ticket and I was headed back to Kansas City, Missouri to be interviewed for a Flight Officer position at TWA. If I got past the stare down of the captain interviewers and they figured I had enough of the TWA “right stuff” I would then be given a physical and considered eligible for being hired as a pilot for Trans World Airlines. The night before...
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Retired Pilot Adventure Travel: The Right to Fight for a Seat

Retired Pilot Adventure Travel: The Right to Fight for a Seat! The Definition of Non-Rev Adventure Travel? Pay No Money, Fight Your Way to the Front of the Line to Be Seen by the Boarding Agent and Pray for a Seat! As a former pilot and aviation copywriter with a passion for the kind of adventure travel that those of us who play non-rev roulette experience, I love the challenge – most of the time – of finding a seat, any seat, maybe even a first-class seat! My wife and I decided to leave SFO...
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Checklist For Pilot’s Life

Checklist for a Pilot’s Life As a former airline and corporate pilot, I lived by checklists. They kept me out of trouble when I thought I could handle everything because I was so good and “didn’t need no stinking’ checklists!” Checklists saved my bacon more than once. Here’s a short article, a checklist if you will, for a pilot’s life. I’ve adapted it from the wisdom of a Hopi elder, the original of which is posted at the bottom of this article. Many years ago, when I was an itinerant “truth seeker” I found comfort...
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Bert Botta (@bottabert is a aviation traval writer and story teller living in San Francisco USA.

Bert’s passionate about his firth,and sharing stories from behind the cockp[it door (including from the rich and famous).

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