The Generation Bridge

Bert Botta

  • We have great age ranges here in cohorts.

  • Yet I see the generation “gap” being nicely bridged

  • Or am I fooling myself, not seeing something that needs to be explored?

  • If there is a gap, what is it?

  • How does it look in how we interact and share our lives?

  • And if there is a gap how can we close it?

Why I’m doing this:

I’m 82 years old.

People ask me how I stay so young.

• I give them the standard answers, genes, exercise, supplements, rest, faith.

• One of the most important things is that I have always hung out with people younger than me.

• One of the reasons I started the Generation Bridge is to explore how we might communicate better between generations, understand each other better.

It’s part of my mission, my “giveback” at this stage in my life, to share what I’ve learned.

I think this is true especially because I’ve had a career that’s taken me to so many different places in the world, met so many different people and….made so many mistakes.

I hope I can help some of you avoid those mistakes, learn from my experiences and share in whatever wisdom I’ve picked up along the way.

But I want to learn from you, to close the gap so we can learn from each other and to lessen the division in the world.

I also want to learn how Twitter Spaces works because I see a huge potential for building the kind of community that can help heal division, bring us closer together and support one another in tough times and tougher ones to come!

Thanks for jumping in on this most important experiment!

Let’s do this!